Racing CUP

Racing CUP
Racing CUP

What is Racing CUP ?

Racing CUP is a game for Android.
It looks like a small game for children, but instead this game is extraordinarily varied and satisfying.

Can you explain the features?

New and rewarding free racing game.
Participate in the world rankings.
Top view with full screen track.
Unlock new scenarios, tracks and modes by winning categories.
Race on endless maps and procedural scenarios.
Help your car take the right course with just one finger.
Easy to manage.
For smart players.
For free.

Any similarities (race game)?

Racing CUP could look like “Generally“, with an adaptation to use on smartphones.

Is there a trailer and screenshots ?

Sure, here’s the trailer and some screenshots below:

Racing CUP City
Racing CUP City
Racing CUP procedural maps
Racing CUP procedural maps
Racing CUP unlock
Racing CUP unlock
Google play
You can download and play Racing CUP for free on Android.

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